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Carrying Out Effective Employee Discipline

The ABCs of Effective Employee Discipline

Is your discipline process clearly spelled out for employees and for managers? Do employees understand the potential consequences of missing work? Are managers consistently applying your policies across the board? Do you practice effective employee discipline? Many companies underestimate the impact of creating and applying a fair discipline process until it’s too late. Employee morale can suffer when workers feel like favoritism takes the place of fairness and teamwork. Worse yet, when policies aren’t clearly defined or managers don’t apply [...]

How to Communicate Information to Employees

Connecting with Employees During Critical Times

Communication with employees, particularly those who are spread out over a large geographical area, becomes even more challenging during times when there is a critical need to get information out quickly! Let’s go over how to communicate information to employees efficiently, effectively, and accurately. One of the most frequent concerns raised by teams and individuals through employee surveys revolves around communication: frequency, timeliness, and relevance are three of the most often heard aspects. The average employee wants to do a [...]


The Effects of FMLA on the Workplace

How can we measure the FMLA impact on the workplace? The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a well-known program that is regulated by the Department of Labor. FMLA offers job protection in the form of 12 weeks of unpaid leave each calendar year for those employees who qualify. There are options for full time leave and for intermittent leave, depending on the family or medical circumstances that exist. This is a wonderful benefit for eligible employees, but it [...]


Managing Absenteeism in the Workplace: An Old problem with a Modern Impact

Managing absenteeism in the workplace has been a challenge for as long as companies have been in business.  This creates challenges with staffing, but the impact on the bottom line can be challenging to fully grasp.  In the modern workplace of today, technology is used everywhere to improve efficiencies and profits.  Absence management is no exception, and solutions are now available to best manage this ongoing concern. When employees do not come to work, it creates a ripple effect that [...]